Birds watching while running

I must admit that I really enjoy watching wild life while out running. However, it is an extremely rare occasion for me. It will never cease to amaze me what wonderful wild life lives out there. It seems that my hiking experiences in the woods don’t result in seeing wild birds.

I asked myself why. It might be that when I walk I do so too slow and the birds notice me and flee before I get the chance to notice them. When I run, however, I catch them by surprise and was able to see quite a bit during my runs.

Of course, this method is not a common practice. Most bird watchers are accustomed of sitting quietly for hours just for the chance to see a rare bird. I don’t have such nerves and am easily pleased with less.

The thing is I can’t wear my regular binoculars on my run. They are quite heavy, unfortunately.

I suspect that I have to be satisfied by watching birds of prey like eagles, owls, or hawks during my runs as these birds are big enough to notice even without binoculars.

The other thing is that I will have to learn about 30 of the most popular birds songs, so I will be able to identify the birds on my running route. Once during my evening run I saw an own and was mesmerized by the creature. It moved from tree to three for nearly a mile and I walked along with him before my damn feet started to ache badly.

Later on, my orthopedist said that I have extremely low, almost fallen arches and should wear proper running shoes instead of the standard ones. I immediately followed her advice and got the Brooks’ ariel shoes. It turned out that they are more suitable for women and after some lurking online I found and purchase my Brooks’ beast 15 which make my feels feel much better. They are one of the most recommended shoes for my condition and live up to their fame. However, I ran my fair bit of miles in them and now it is time for a change. After short consideration whether to get the next model or try another brand, I decided to try the New Balance M940V2 – they are the most recommended model for flat footed runners like me. To tell you the truth the difference is not big between both models. As I walk a lot as, I decided to get my dear flat feet a pair of walking shoes as well.  It turned out to be VERY smart decision as I had to fly to Paris the day after that and of course got them with me

The most important thing for me is that I can enjoy running again and combine it with bird watching whenever I get the chance. I even talked a few of my friends into this and we are running/bird-watching together this Saturday. I found good birds and their favorite foods list put together by the project Feeder Watch:  Fun times ahead!

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